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Wedding ’do dilemma

My wedding is in a couple of months and I want to have light brown hair for the big day. My hair is currently a very dark brown and I know that bleaching it will damage it, but how can I keep it as nourished as possible?

Charlotte says...

I often use the lightest blonde tint to achieve a very light brown without bleaching – so ask your colourist about this technique. To keep the hair nourished, you will need to do regular deep conditioning treatments in the run up to your colour change and afterwards. These will strengthen, moisturise and lubricate your hair. They are effective on both the inner and outer structure of the hair and will normally take 15-20 minutes under heat to penetrate and deeply nourish.

Summer colour – sorted


I’m really keen on colouring my natural hair for the summer. Can you give me some advice on what kind of colour would suit darker skin tones? My hair is quite dark and I really want my colour to be strong and vibrant, but don’t want to have to use peroxide or really strong colourants. Help!

Craig says...

When we see the summer approaching we all want to perk ourselves up and colouring our hair is a great way to do this! I’m with you on not using strong colourants and have a lot of clients who feel the same. So my advice to you is start with a gorgeously toned rich full head colour. This can be achieved with non ammonia and peroxide colours that stain your hair, leaving a stunning, healthy tone that with correct consultation will match your skin tone!

Curly hair sans chemicals!

Is there a way to make texturized hair curly without perming it?

5ive says...


While it’s not possible to make hair permanently curly without perming, there are so many ways to create temporary curls depending on the type you’re going for. If you want a really natural look, apply a setting lotion to your hair and flat twist to the scalp. Once it’s dry, just unpick and you’ll be left with beautiful spirals. For a more glamorous look, try using a curling wand for defined curls.

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Bad blowdry


When I blowdry my hair it has no movement and is quite stiff, not like when I go to a stylist – what am I doing wrong?

Dionne says...

You could be putting too many products in it when you’re blowdrying, or maybe not rinsing the products out properly. Use a really good conditioner or treatment like Goldwell Rich Repair Conditioner. I would suggest applying a good heat protector before blowdrying, like ghd Heat Protect Spray, and then hair should be blowdried with a round brush. This gives instant lift at the root and movement and bounce of the actual hair.

Nourished hair under weave…


How do I keep my hair moisturised and healthy under weave?

Richard says...

Before your weave is fitted, get a deep protein treatment to strengthen and nourish your hair so it is in the best possible condition before weaving. Once your weave is done, try using an old colour applicator bottle with a funnel end, put a few drops of the treatment along each track and massage in. Aim to do this every other day and it will keep your natural hair in top condition.

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