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Face slimming style

Singer, Ciara

I have quite a full face shape and I am looking for a style that will make my face look slimmer. Any tips?

Craig says...

Avoid sharp bobs that stop at the chin as this tends to make the face appear even fuller. Instead try adding length to your hair. Long, loose, slight waves with a centre or off-centre parting is a great style to wear to deflect a rounder face.

Blackhair recommends the Cloud Nine Wand, £110

Growing out relaxed hair

I’m growing out my relaxed hair to go all natural, but my hair keeps breaking! What can I do to prevent this?

Charlotte says...


There are several ways to grow out a relaxer and keep hair healthy and looking great. Why not try one of the options below:

1. Close-cropped looks are fashion-forward and look amazing. Ask your stylist for a beautiful, short, precision cut.

2. Rod- or roller-set your hair and you will get head full of curls to hide the bulkiness of new growth.

3, Braiding with hair extensions means your new growth is hidden with individual braids or cornrows, leaving the transitional process completely invisible.


Dry scalp, oily hair!

Model with relaxed, midi Afro hair
Abi Oshodi

I have relaxed hair which falls past my shoulders. My scalp often suffers dryness, but whenever I oil it, the rest of my hair feels heavy and lank. How do I combat this problem?

Sandra says...

You need to get a shampoo and conditioner for a dry scalp, like ORS Uplifting Shampoo or ORS No More Flakes Hair Moisturiser. Drink plenty of water to hydrate the skin and scalp, particularly in the winter as central heating causes dehydration. Use hot oil treatments to nourish and moisturise the scalp and a water-based hair cream moisturiser, such as KeraCare Conditioning Hairdress or ORS Shea Butter. These creams are light and won’t weigh down your hair, however, always remember to use sparingly.




Natural curls

I want to encourage my natural curl and my hairdresser told me that a leave-in conditioner is a must! Can you recommend something suitable?

I would recommend Mixed Chicks Leave-in Conditioner as it deeply conditions hair, leaving it feeling soft to the touch, whilst defining the natural curl pattern. It’s suitable for all hair types and can be used on wet hair and twist-outs for frizz-free, gorgeous curls!


I want her hair!

I love, love, love Rihanna’s cute pixie crop. I’ve had my hair cut super-short, but can’t quite master how to recreate the look – can you give me some tips, please?

Apply a setting lotion to clean hair which is 90% dry. Wrap hair and sit under a dryer. Once dry, bend small sections of hair using straighteners – the irons should be very small so you can get a good grip on the hair (about 1cm in size). Finish by applying a small amount of wax, using your palms to glide it through your hair.