Ask the beauty experts – #1

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Q – I have heredity circles and bags under my eyes. What can I do?

Cosmetic Doctor Dr Jules Nabet says…

Ageing around the eyes is probably the most common problem in my clients – so many women come to me and say, “What can you do for my eye bags and crow’s feet?” Ageing around the eyes, dark circles, bags, lines, crow’s feet can be heredity but more to do with one’s lifestyle such as poor sleep, too much salt and stress.

There are so many brands of eye creams that really do work and make a difference. With eye cream, remember less is more. Apply very softly to the under eye area to improve lymphatic drainage and take down puffiness in the eye area. You can learn to do this for yourself using your ring fingers, working around the eye sockets. A healthy lifestyle – getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water will all help your body function at its best, and that will be reflected in how good your skin – and your eyes – look.

Skincare can be extremely effective in getting great skin however even the best skincare product effects are going to be short lived if we are talking about short term use (weeks rather than months). After sustained use of products with ingredients such as the phytohormones, hyaluronic acid, Amino Acids, Vitamins C, E, A, peptides and retinols there can be a significant effect on the skin. Effective Skincare should be used in conjunction with popular anti-ageing treatments like Botox, Fillers, Carboxy Therapy and IPL, this will promote longer lasting results, particularly in later life. Skincare cannot work on its own, to achieve the best results your lifestyle needs to be complementary, this includes improving diet, increasing exercise and protecting yourself in the sun.



Dr Jules Nabet Eyes Contour, £65, has been dubbed ‘an eyelift in a bottle’ and is said to be highly effective working to eliminate crow’s feet and tighten slack under-eye skin. Working to improve wrinkles and under eye bags, this product also strengthens the firmness of the capillary, soothes the irritation and fights against the loosening of the skin whilst relieving congestion.