Holiday indulgence

Maybe you’re holidaying with the kids this summer, or chilling out at an adult-only couples resort – either way, holidays were made for getting some r’n’r away from ‘the real world’, so make the most of it…


And just how do you do that? Well, that depends on what you call ‘relaxing’. Some might say that a romantic moonlit dinner for two is the perfect way to spend an evening, others may prefer spending the day on a sun lounger becoming engrossed in a mystery novel. For many, a physical pampering is the only way to really feel relaxed, so it’s great to book in a spa appointment for a massage, facial or manicure and leave feeling ten times better.


If you don’t have access to a spa at your chosen holiday location, don’t fear; our advice is to put aside an evening to nourish yourself in the comfort of your hotel room. Put some calming music on your portable speaker, order your favourite meal via room service, turn the lights down low, and run yourself a hot bath. It’s not called ‘being unsociable’, it’s called ‘me time’ – and we all deserve it!

Make sure you’ve packed an Olverum Travel Set (£16) which contains three bottles of luxurious bath oil – enough for nine baths (that sounds like a good amount of pampering to us!). Comprising an aromatic blend of natural essential oils including rosemary, lemon, juniper and lavender, this unique combination sends you into a state of deep relaxation and nourishes your skin at the same time. You’ll leave the bath feeling as if you’re floating on air, and you’re certain to get a good night’s sleep afterwards.

As these bottles are 15ml in size, they’re perfect for carry-ons if you’re only going on a short holiday. Want the full size version for your bathroom shelf? The 125ml bottle is enough for 25 baths at £26, and the 200ml bottle is enough for 40 baths at £40. Right, we’re off to get oiled up!