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Healthy eating made simple!

Hands up who has vowed to embark on a complete lifestyle revamp come January. Ok, now hands up who has maintained it? Starting a drastic new eating plan might seem like the best way to a healthy lifestyle but sometimes […]

How much is your face worth?

Have you ever tallied up how much moolah your daily face costs? Well I hadn’t either until yesterday. You see, Sarah Blackhair’s Beauty Editor received an interesting email with research from SensatioNail which revealed that the contents of ‘the average […]

Ghost GirlCrush!

Following the launch of GHOST Girl last year, the brand are back with GirlCrush, a fruity cocktail of notes including pomegranate, summery peach and fizzy raspberry and heart notes of velvet rose, pink peony and almond flower. It doesn’t stop […]

Have a LUSH Valentine’s…

With Valentine’s Day coming up fast, at Blackhair we say it’s about time you gave in to a bit of self-indulgence, and what better way that a relaxing Lush bath. There are oodles of V-day sets on offer such as […]

The £5.99 celebrity beauty secret

When it comes to hair and beauty, celebs absolutely love a multi-tasker (doesn’t everyone?)…   Your granny probably used them and if they were good enough for her and nowadays the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow, […]