Beauty News

The Equinox is coming…

When Illamasqua launches a new range we can’t help but sit up and pay attention, especially when it’s as gorgeous as their latest drop! The Equinox collection was created to signify ‘a desert at night engulfed by the starry skies […]

Palmers go coconuts!

Palmers’ Cocoa Butter Formula has been the foundation for many a bedtime routine over the years, including Team Blackhair’s, so you can imagine our delight when this new range dropped on our desks!…   The Palmers Coconut Oil Formula range […]

She’s the one that we want!

Ella Eyre is known for her boisterous voice and bouncy curls but the British singer has had a transformation courtesy of Sure.  Her album, Feline is due out on 28th August! To promote the world’s first movement activated gig, Ella […]

Rain won’t stop play!

During the summer months water–resistant makeup is kind of an essential. If it’s not for the sweat, it’s for the sea and if you’re in the UK, of course, the showers!   Next week Sunday team Blackhair will be heading […]

Good things come in little bottles

Continuing our love afair with oil for beauty, Good Things has launched an amazing Argan Oil range and we just can’t wait to try it…   The new Argan Oil skincare collection (£5.99) from GOOD THINGS is just the thing […]