Are beauty drinks the best supplements?

I’m a huge fan of vitamins and supplements. I have an alright diet (lots of greens, lots of sweets) but I find that supplements give me that added vit-hit when my diet is lacking. Beauty supplements were introduced to me when I first started working in the beauty industry and I found that they really worked, whether they were full of biotin for hair growth or collagen for plumper skin, I loved the effect they had, which I saw after a a month or so. But you know what I do not like? The golfball-sized tablets and capsules I had to down with water at least twice a day. I’m cool with tablets but my Lord, beauty supplements are on the gargantuan side, aren’t they?

Well, enter Vitabiotics beauty drinks. The orange-flavoured liquid beauty supplement comes in two versions, Hair nourishment from within and Skin radiance from within.


Taking the science of beauty to the next level, Perfectil Platinum Collagen for Skin provides high quality readily absorbed Hydrolysed Marine Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, L-Carnitine and Co-Q10, plus biotin and zinc which contribute to the maintenance of normal skin. It also includes selenium which contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress. Plus zinc and vitamin D which have a role in the process of cell division.

The Perfectil Platinum Collagen for Hair provides high quality readily absorbed Hydrolysed Marine Collagen, Inositol, Blackcurrant Seed oil and Amino Acids. The formula also includes selenium and zinc which contribute to the maintenance of normal nails whilst biotin (one of the most sought-after hair vitamins in the beauty world) contributes to normal hair.

Taking the drink after your main meal is way easier to remember than two or three tablets and capsules across the day and so you keep up the intake and in turn see results in due course. After taking a month’s worth of the Platinum Collagen for Skin, I did notice that my skin was really plump, and didn’t get the influx of menstrual pimples that I’m normally subjected to. But the main thing that I noticed was the fact that when I did get the odd spot, the hyper-pigmentation I normally get afterwards faded slightly quicker than normal, which I think is to do with the presence of Selenuim, which aids cells against damage.

– by Akesha Reid

Perfectil Platinum Collagen Skin and Perfectil Platinum Collagen Hair 10 x 50ml beauty shots, £39.85 are both available from Boots and online at