On Test – Sunscreens That Don’t Leave Dark Skin Looking Grey!

When I was 17 I went skiing with my Sixth Form. Despite the icy conditions, the sun was high and hot most of the day and SPF was needed to ensure I didn’t get a hideous tan around my huge goggles. However, I didn’t bring any (I ignored all warnings prior to bring sunscreen as I figured my dark skin doesn’t burn – silly me) and had to borrow some from my fair-skinned friend – a highly protective SPF 50+. What ensued has resulted in some of the worst holiday photos of all time in which I look an unnatural shade of grey. No honestly, I looked like I had been dragged out of the morgue. The thickness of the formula hadn’t really accounted for anyone darker than an olive skin-tone wanting increased sun protection, and while this level of cover isn’t always necessary it should be an option. So in preparation for my upcoming ventures in the sun I put four of the best SPF 50+ Face Suncreens to the test and here are the results.


Vichy BB Tinted Velvety Cream SPF 50+, £15

Pro – Smells amazing, first of all, and has a lovely whipped texture.

Con – Super ashy/grey looking when applied to my mid-tone dark skin. Would work on lighter Black skin.

Eucerin Sun Face Fluid SPF 50+, £16

Pro – Lightweight milky texture and easily blendable. Can’t be seen much once rubbed in.

Con – A slight coat of product but not grey. Had a bit of a tacky feeling.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Sun Defense SPF 50, £26

Pro – Moisturises the best out of all four. Blends perfectly with no grey tinge at all.

Con – Smells good, but heavily perfumed – so not good for easily irritated skin.

Bioderma Photoderm Sunspot 50+, £16

Pro – Blends well and is fragrance free – good for sensitive skin.

Con – Quite runny and not as hydrating as Elizabeth Arden’s otherwise on par.