Spice up Your Life

We add sprinkles of them into most of our dinners and drink cup after cup of herbal tea – but what specific ones do you need to target your health and skincare woes? Nows the time to spice up your life…

Chamomile – Feeling anxious? Pour yourself a large mug of chamomile tea. The herb is a great natural stress reliever and nerve relaxant. It’s also a mild sedative so if you are struggling with restless sleep it’s perfect pre-bedtime drink to ease you into a peaceful night’s sleep. It’s also great applied topically in lotion form, ‘For external application, a certain type of chamomile has been shown to be as effective as mild cortisone at reducing inflammation,” says Margaret Weeds founder and MD at Odylique.

Cinnamon – not only does this spice taste amazing and put us in the mood for all things autumnal it has an abundance of health benefits. For instance cinnamon oil has been found to not only effectively treat infections caused by fungus it has also been know to stop the growth of a number of bacteria.

Green Tea – Green tea is silent superfood boasting B vitamins, folate, manganese, potassium and magnesium. Folate is essential for cell turn over and tissue growth and repair.

Garlic – Dubbed the ‘stinking rose’ by many, garlic has numerous health benefits that make the strong odour completely worth it. It’s a natural anti-biotic so helps to fend off the superbugs that leads to colds and flus.

Turmeric – With its high concentration of anti-oxidants Tumeric is known for its anti-inflammatory aid. Tumeric shots are popular in the wellness community and turmeric masks are now a “thing” on the beauty scene. While the mask isn’t for everyone, applied topically the spice can help the appearance of hyperpigmentation and fight melanoma. For internal wellness you could try it in supplement form with the LQ Liquid Health Supplements available from hollandandbarrett.com

Liquorice – Natural liquorice contains the compound glabridin, a phytoestrogen. Phytoestrogen is plant derived comparative to oestrogen, which helps the body to create collagen – an imperative part of combating the signs of ageing. Bodycare wise “herbs such as liquorice in the form of tasty teas can also help overcome poor gut digestion and stress, both of which can aggravate eczema.” Says Margaret.


The natural way to heal dry skin?

Margaret Weeds founder and MD at Odylique talks about the naturally way to ease eczema and dry skin.

Applying a ‘wholistic’ approach using herbs and nutrition internally as well as externally can be very helpful in reducing the incidence and severity of skin conditions such as eczema.

Eliminating personal triggers such as gluten or dairy and supplementing a good balanced diet with a good multi vitamin plus flaxseed or fish oil (omega 3 EFAs) and Starflower (omega 6 EFAs) can prove beneficial. Friendly probiotic bacteria such as acidophilus provide valuable support for the immune system and herbs such as chamomile and liquorice in the form of tasty teas also help overcome poor gut digestion and stress, both of which can aggravate eczema.

Another ‘wonder’ plant for eczema and dry skin is hypericum, a traditional wound-healing herb also found to reduce the skin bacteria which can exacerbate eczema. Oats are traditional soothers and cleansers for eczema, either suspended in a muslin bag in a bath or in soap. All of our skin care and make-up is suitable for eczema-prone skin but specific products are: Repair lotion, Ultra Rich Balm, Honey and Oat Cleansing bar, Aloe bodywash and Gentle Herb Shampoo.