An honest review of Love Thy Fro

love thy fro book

Children – they are the most honest types of humans, aren’t they? They’ll definitely tell you if something’s right or wrong or if they love or loathe something. So who better to ask to review one of the most interesting children’s books to land in the Blackhair offices, Love Thy Fro, than a child?

love thy fro book

Kemi, the main character of the book takes the reader on a hair journey that we all faced so we asked Kalilah, , her thoughts on the book…

What do you like most about Love Thy Fro?

What I like about Casey’s book is the page with the different hairstyles, because I like getting my hair done and I like my hair out.

What was your favourite hairstyle in the book?

My favourite hairstyle on the page is the one in the corner (bottom right) because it looks cute and because of the baubles in the hair.

What do you think about Kemi?

She was so still and brave, and she has very big hair and she can do whatever she wants with it.

What part of the book is most like you?

When I have my fro done I have to comb it. I like getting my hair done but I don’t really like washing my hair. It feels a bit okay, but it just hurts my ears because I don’t like getting water in my ears.

What else do you like about the book?

The writing is wonderful and the pictures are very funny because her teddy is on the floor and she doesn’t even know! I like the first page too because Sunday is my favourite day to wake up because I have Church.

What did you think of the whole book?

It was very nice and this is my favourite book.

What would you rate the book out of 5?


That’s way more than 5, you can only choose 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.

Maybe 5

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