Salon etiquette

Whether you need help to find THE salon for you, or you want to be the perfect client, we’ve got some words of advice for you…


How many of us have been so desperate to satisfy our ever-changing #hairgoals that we’ve booked ourselves into the newest salon on the block or maybe that dodgy looking hair shop that’s on our way home from the station, only to be massively disappointed with the results? We asked Charlotte Mensah, award-winning hairstylist and Creative Director of Hair Lounge for her top tips on how to find a good salon.

1. Word of mouth
Finding a good Afro hair salon can sometimes be difficult, so having a salon referred to you by a family member, friend or work colleague can be helpful – especially if their hair always looks great!

2. Online reviews
Read what other customers are saying about the salon; however only use these opinions as a guideline as not everyone’s opinion is the same.

3. The proof is in the pudding
Before and after images of a stylist’s previous work can really showcase their skills, making the client feel more comfortable in what the stylist can achieve.

4. Always be on time
This applies to both the stylist and the client. In fact, always try to be there around 10-15 minutes early if possible. The stylist should be at the salon and prepared before you even walk through the door. Being early allows time for you to talk and get to know one another.

5. Consultations are really important
Most good salons will offer you a free consultation, so book one! It’s also a great way to experience the salon in action, how organised the staff are and how clean it is. Be as clear as you can be about what you are looking for and bring pictures.

6. Phone the salon
Choose one or two salons and check out how polite they are on the phone; it’s always a good indication. Some of the better hair salons are as careful about choosing and training their receptionists as they are about having the best hairdressers.

7. Find a stylist that looks the part
No one wants to walk into a salon and be greeted by a scruffy stylist. Many times clients will want hair similar to the stylist, so if you find a stylist that takes pride in their appearance and looks professional, you are more likely to see them as an expert when it comes to hair needs.


So, what if you’ve already found the salon and stylist you trust above any other – how can you make sure you behave in a way that keeps you at the top of their client list? Hair industry hero, Charles Worthington MBE gives us an insight to the rules of being a good client.

1. Be no more than 15 minutes late
Being 15 minutes late for an hour long appointment is acceptable and doable, as long as the appointment can be sped up. Beyond 15 minutes and it will all depend on the following appointments, as it would of course be unfair to make your stylist late for their next client.

2. Tipping should reflect your appreciation
This is the same as with any other service industry, where any tip should reflect your appreciation for the extra special service you have received.

3. Don’t use your phone during an appointment
Speaking on the phone is not conducive to an accurate haircut, as inevitably when you talk on a mobile you move your head around and will not pay attention to the job in hand. It also makes it awkward for the stylist to communicate with you regarding the haircut for fear of interrupting.

4. Chat freely about any subject
Hairdressers understand that all conversations are held in the strictest confidence, therefore nothing is off limits!

5. Be honest about your finished style
If you are unsure about your new style, honesty is always the best policy. If you feel your hair is not looking how you had hoped, it’s always best to communicate this before you leave the salon, thus giving your stylist the opportunity to remedy the situation. Our own policy is one of ensuring that every client is ultimately happy with the service they receive to hopefully guarantee their return to the salon.

Armed with this advice, you’re sure to find the perfect salon for you AND become their favourite customer, too!