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Are beauty drinks the best supplements? (Beauty News)

I’m a huge fan of vitamins and supplements. I have an alright diet (lots of greens, lots of sweets) but I find that supplements give me that added vit-hit when my diet is lacking. Beauty supplements were introduced to me […]

On test: Cushion Foundations (Beauty News)

Cushion foundations have been creeping onto beauty counters since last year and we are sure that it won’t be long before before every makeup brand has a cushion offering to choose from. The USP of the cushion foundation is the […]

Alicia Keys’ Bare-faced Beauty Secrets (Beauty News)

It’s no doubt that Alicia Keys looks beautiful with and without makeup and a lot of this is down to a flawless skincare routine as well as, of course, good genes. The singer’s makeup artist, Dotti, recently revealed her secret […]

Treat Yo’self this Valentine’s Day (Beauty News)

No matter whether you’re single, engaged or have been married for 34 years, do you know who you’ll be with until your last breath? That’s right YOU. So while of course Valentine’s is about declaring your love for another human […]

Ask the beauty experts – #1 (Beauty News)

Every week we are delving into our archive to bring you the best tips and tricks we’ve gotten from the top industry experts! Q – I have heredity circles and bags under my eyes. What can I do? Cosmetic Doctor […]

Spice up Your Life (Beauty News)

We add sprinkles of them into most of our dinners and drink cup after cup of herbal tea – but what specific ones do you need to target your health and skincare woes? Nows the time to spice up your […]

Are you ready for a liquid lip? (Beauty News)

One of the best things about the onset of autumn/winter is that it gives us an excuse to wear richer, deeper colours, and there’s no better way to embrace jewel tones than with a super striking lip…   For high […]