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NoScrunchie hosts salon awards (Hair News)

If you’ve visited looking for a salon recommendation, you’ll know that the site is big on bringing the very best Afro salons to the fore…   And since their creation in 2013, have hosted an annual Good Afro […]

A new look at Elite Hair Lounge! (Hair Diary)

Since I stopped relaxing my hair last July I’ve had my hair trimmed once. Now, I have friends that have gone years without snipping off any split ends (*cough cough* Rebecca *cough cough*) but I’m not like that. Since my initial […]

Radiant Salon Bermondsey Launches! (Hair News)

This week leading hair salon, Radiant London, launched the first of their two salons in the heart of Bermondsey and Blackhair was there for the unveiling! The event kicked off with the opening of their in-house cocktail bar serving guests an […]

Heal your hair, the spa way (Hair News)

There’s no doubt that spa treatments have the ability to relax both body and mind and can help prevent or alleviate all manner of conditions, and now your hair can benefit from some spa time, too…   Whether you hair […]

A pamper at Paul Edmonds (Hair Diary)

I wish I was the kind of person who pops to the salon for a pamper here and there. A real (*in a posh accent*) lady! I mean, that’s what proper lady-types do, right?…   However, for me, this is […]

Nails done, hair done, everything did… (Hair News)

Hands up who’s got a big Valentine’s night planned? If getting perfectly tousled hair wasn’t already on your to-do list for this Valentine’s Day weekend, now you can also get pretty and polished with ColourRiotNails while you get your hair […] Good Afro Salon Awards (Hair News)

Blackhair affiliates, – the UK’s leading afro salon review portal – hosted the second annual Good Afro Salon Awards earlier this month at the L’Oréal Academy in London.   The ceremony brought together critics, hair specialists, entrepreneurs and industry […]

Say WAH? WAH Nails hits Leeds! (Beauty News)

Who doesn’t love WAH Nails? Super sassy nail art loved by every in-the-know fashionista for their individual spirit, trend-led nail designs, and real sense of fun, WAH Nails and its founder, Sharmadean Reid, have taken the fashion world by storm, […]