The latest Victoria’s Secret Model is our new Instacrush

The VS private plane is probably touching down in Paris as we type and the models are strutting their way towards the catwalk imminently – the Victoria’s Secret runway show is almost here.

Along with old favourites, there are a new breed of gorgeous models joining the exclusive angels cohort and in this new group is our new model obsession, Zuri Tibby. The 5’10 21 year old will earn her angel wings this week and we have a feeling that this is just the start of  her runway domination, here’s why…



1. She’s a cutie with a booty.

We love that she’s got curves! Sure she’s svelte but her figure isn’t unattainable and it’s nice to have models of different shapes and sizes walk the runways (just waiting on some plus size recognition too please, VS).


2. She was the first Black spokesmodel of Victoria’s Secret PINK.

She said in an interview that she was in “shock and in awe” at her appointment and has been reppin’ the brand on the road ever since she was named. A spot on the runway show was a natural progression for the model.


3. Two words – Eyebrow Goals

Have you seen brows that are this perfect? Must be nice growing up now were thick, natural brows are en vogue and not when the tweezer was the most used beauty tool out there.


4. Naomi is her inspiration

If we look past her diva behaviour, Naomi was a catwalk queen supermodel extraordinaire in her heyday so it’s promising that Zuri is taking tips and inspo from such an icon.


We can’t wait to watch Zuri and the other angels strut their stuff. You can watch the Victoria’s Secret Runway Show on 6th of December on online streaming service hayu.

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