Leona Lewis Named MTV Staying Alive Foundation 2017 Ambassador

The MTV Staying Alive Foundation has worked tirelessly year on year to help grassroots HIV prevention projects around the world to empower and educate young people on HIV.

Since 1998, the Staying Alive Foundation has been working to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS. Its flagship media production, MTV Shuga, is a mass-media behaviour-change campaign and has grown globally with a reach of a whooping 720 million people. Each year the Foundation choose an Ambassador that will work to raise awareness and represent the charity internationally, and this year it’s Grammy-nominated British singer, Leona Lewis. The star will act as a spokesperson for the Staying Alive Foundation and face of the organisation to help increase awareness of HIV/AIDS and raise vital funds to ensure that young people and those at greatest risk are equipped with the tools and knowledge to protect themselves and their peers from HIV.


Of her new role, Leona said “I’m eager to raise awareness of the ongoing global HIV crisis. By empowering young people with knowledge about the disease – particularly women and girls who are disproportionately affected – we can help treat it and ultimately prevent it altogether.”

It’s always heartening when celebrities use their star power for good.

For more info on the Staying Alive Foundation visit mtvstayingalive.org

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