I Love My Hair

I have to admit, I never really jumped on the whole colouring book/mindfullness hype when everyone and their boss had one on their desk. When I was younger I LOVED colouring and drawing (anything arty really), but as I matured I developed my love of writing and never looked back.


But when this gorgeous book landed on my desk, I couldn’t bear giving it away – it’s so so beautiful, both the drawings and the message. You see I Love My Hair is not only amazingly illustrated, the message is simple – love yourself. The fab calligraphy tells you no matter what your hair is like, embrace it and love it because it makes you, you! I think that in a time where things are way more gloom than in bloom anything that helps lift spirits and invites self-love and inner calm is wonderful.

So yes, while I’m still not completely on the bandwagon (kinda just hanging on to the bumper if you will) I’m fully behind this fabulous book and think you should buy it immediately.

To purchase your copy visit amazon.co.uk

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