A new look at Elite Hair Lounge!

Since I stopped relaxing my hair last July I’ve had my hair trimmed once. Now, I have friends that have gone years without snipping off any split ends (*cough cough* Rebecca *cough cough*) but I’m not like that. Since my initial teenage fear of the shears I have trimmed my hair religiously every eight weeks, which was basically every time I got my hair relaxed. But since I’ve stopped relaxing my mane my in salon maintenance has really slipped.

I visited Elite Hair Lounge last week for a Silk Press (which they are notoriously brilliant at) and a little trim, so when salon owner, Talisha, showed me the amount I needed lobbed off I was shocked. What I thought was going to be a light dusting off of the ends was a good two and a half inches. But why was I clinging on to my straggly relaxed ends? My breakage had gotten so bad that I was wearing clip-ins almost everyday to hide the damage and give the illusion of my previously thick, healthy hair.

The amount that Talisha wanted to cut off was non-negotiable if I wanted my hair to resemble hair again and not the straw like nest that it did at that moment. So I sat and watched as she cut away the split and broken ends. Where I am usually quite tetchy about going to a new salon and cutting my hair, Talisha made me feel completely at ease. The difference in the look and feel of my hair was instant – it had body, shine and movement, all of which it lacked just an hour prior.


I can’t recommend Elite Hair Lounge enough, the atmosphere is calm and inviting and you just know that your hair is safe in their hands.

24 Sidney Road, Stockewell, London SW9 0TS

Telephone 0207 207 5904

Instagram @elitehairlounge

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