Behind The Scenes on Cherri V’s New Music Video


R&B songstress Cherri V is gearing up to release her new single called Leave Me Be scheduled for release on 7th July. The singer is set to return with a mid-tempo groover that is perfect for the summer months. Discussing the inspiration behind the song and video Cherri told us, “The ‘Leave Me Be’ video was based around solitude. The title is not as literal as it seems. It’s more based around allowing people to be themselves and accepting them for who they are. Asylum 33 (video production team) wanted to capture me in my element, in an artistic way and as this is their strong point, we wanted them to have full reign creatively.” The single was produced by Joey Stickz and penned by Cherri during a recent trip to Thailand. Cherri adds: “It lyrically touches on some of my characteristics, sometimes being introverted and coming to terms with the fact that I may come across quite guarded.I also wanted to tap into more of my Caribbean heritage  so you’ll hear a little light patois jumping in and out on this record.”


Check out these exclusive behind the scenes images of the singer decked in a figure-hugging black PVC dress sporting some seriously fierce red and black hued box braids. The single is taken from Cherri’s forthcoming debut album Brown Eyed Soul.

Make up- Sasha Cross (Make-UpBySasha)
Hair – Radiant Salon London
Photography Credit : Laura Bartholomew of Illustrious Music


Cherri V _smaller version

Cherr 2 resize vs2

Cherri 3 resize

Cherri 4 resize

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