’Fros from the FROW

London Fashion week may have come and gone but some looks just stay with you, and that’s exactly how we felt about the styles showcased at VIN + OMI for Spring/Summer 2017.

The show itself had a very eerie, haunted vibe, from the hanging bat decor, the music and the looks themselves. The hair was striking and bold with a dishevelled feel, with all the models supporting Afro style Geisha updos.


Lead Hairstylist Liam Curran said of the hair, “The brief was the bigger the better with the front sections being brushed back to create a wind like feeling through the hair. We first wig wrapped all the models hair using ColorProof firm flexible wax, this was used to create a sleek and flat base to support the wigs.

We prepped the wigs by sewing three together and backcombing throughout to create ultimate impact. We used ColorProof Texture powder through the roots and ends to create maximum lift and volume and also giving the hair lots of texture to create big dream like hair. We finished the looks with ColorProof strong hold Hairspray and securing paint pallets and paint brushes to fit the dream like final looks.”

Team Blackhair are huge fans of more avant garde catwalk hair and VIN + OMI didn’t disappoint. Also, we loved Nicola Adams surprise entrance at the end!