Big bouncy barrel curls by UKHairWeaves

7 Steps
Long locks


Our model's weave looks lush, but she wants to switch from her straight lengths.



Part the hair into four even sections and secure each with a snag-free band.


Mist and curl

Begin at the back, working from the neck upward, take a small section of hair, mist with heat protectant spray and brush through to distribute evenly. Next, start at the root; wrap the hair around the length of the barrel, curling the hair away from the face.


In a twist

Slowly follow the curl by twisting the barrel from top to bottom. Hold for up to seconds and gently release.


Keep on curling

Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all of the hair is curled. We recommend curling the hair on the left side clockwise and the hair on the right anti-clockwise (change to suit if you are left-handed).


Coil perfection

Ensure that the full length of the hair is curled tucking any stray ends around the barrel for perfect, smooth curls.


Finishing up

As you are curling in opposite directions the curls will fall away from the face. Finish with hairspray and serum if desired.