Zoe Saldana’s Heidi-braid

Zoe Saldana
Zoe Saldana
7 Steps

Natural curls

This style is best created on smooth hair, so the first step is the blowdry straight.


Straighten out

For even glossier, smoother locks, after blowdrying, use your straighteners.


Straighten to curl

Again, using your straighteners, create big bouncy curls to add texture and volume.


Wavy lady

Work your way around your head in sections until all the hair falls in lovely loose waves.


The big braid

Centre-part your hair from front to nape and begin braiding the first section loosely right to the end.


The crossover

Create the second braid then bring each down towards each other, around the nape and up across the front of the head in opposite directions, pinning into place.


Alpine awesome!

Push your fingertips into your hair at the crown to add volume, and pull out a few strands around the hairline, then mist with shine spray to finish.